Vocal Music


Parkland Proverbs

for mezzo, baritone, flute and piano

A setting of ten Hebrew proverbs that cover a gamut of subjects: wisdom, integrity, drink, leadership.

Soothing Bell

Ce pas toute cloche

"It's not all bells that go ding! dong!"

A setting of nine Haitian proverbs for voice and piano.


Songs of Up and Down

A song cycle upon texts by Christina Rossetti for two sopranos, tenor and piano.  A musical response to the events of 9/11/01, written to provide hope and comfort after a time of crisis.

An stand-alone version of Song 5 "Jesus alone" is also available.

Memorial Candle
Children Praying

Remember all my hope

A setting of Christina Rossetti's poem.

The least, if so I am;

    If so, less than the least,

May I reach heaven to glorify the Lamb

     And sit down at the Feast.

I fear and I am small,

     Whence am I of good cheer;

For I who hear Thy call, have heard Thee call

     To Thee the small who fear.

O Christ my God Who seest the unseen,

     O Christ my God Who knowest the unknown,

     Thy mighty Blood was poured forth to atone

For every sin that can be or hath been.

O Thou Who seest what I cannot see,

     Thou Who didst love us all so long ago,

     O Thou Who knowest what I must not know,

Remember all my hope, remember me.


Tonight the angels sing

solo voice and piano versions of the choral piece Tonight the angels sing.

Fall Leaves

Somewhere or other

A setting of Christina Rossetti's poem.

Somewhere or other there must surely be

     The face not seen, the voice not heard,

The heart that not yet – never yet – ah me!

     Made answer to my word.

Somewhere or other, may be near or far;

     Past land and sea, clean out of sight;

Beyond the wandering moon, beyond the star

     That tracks her night by night.

Somewhere or other, may be far or near;

     With just a wall, a hedge, between;

With just the last leaves of the dying year

     Fallen on a turf grown green.