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Children Praying

Rember all my hope

A setting of Christina Rossetti's poem.


The least, if so I am;

    If so, less than the least,

May I reach heaven to glorify the Lamb

     And sit down at the Feast.


I fear and I am small,

     Whence am I of good cheer;

For I who hear Thy call, have heard Thee call

     To Thee the small who fear.


O Christ my God Who seest the unseen,

     O Christ my God Who knowest the unknown,

     Thy mighty Blood was poured forth to atone

For every sin that can be or hath been.


O Thou Who seest what I cannot see,

     Thou Who didst love us all so long ago,

     O Thou Who knowest what I must not know,

Remember all my hope, remember me.

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