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cover page to the music score to Chara for string trio

Chara for String Trio


A 10-minute work for string trio. Chara: Greek for “joy”. The joy of giving. Char-ity. The joy of performing chamber music with friends. The joy of Mozart's finale to the Jupiter Symphony. Joy to the world! Thomas Merton writing: “if we rejoiced in the good that is possessed by others…we would not be able to look at a flower or a blade of grass or an insect or a drop of water or a grain of sand or a leaf, let alone a whole tree, or a bird, or a living animal, or a human being, without exploding with exultation.”


Chara was written for to play at a benefit concert for the classical music station in Portland, Oregon on March 3, 2007.

  • File format

    The downloadable .zip file includes four .pdf files (score, violin, viola and cello).

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